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We all know that stand-alone Star Wars movies are a done deal (Like it or not) so what do you want to see???
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21-Mar-2014, 12:38 PM

Sigh, I think Jedi could have been more memorable (and stranger, for better or worse) had Lynch accepted the job... oh well...

I'd like to see a movie focused on those 2 Imperial dudes that have to stand apparently inside the cannon right next to the superlaser on the Death Star. I can just imagine one of them talking to his family back home on some distant world, trying to ease their concerns over the risks of his new assignment... hiding from everyone the truth about his romantic relationship with this other man that he's stationed with and the recent revelation that he's developed cancer from high levels of laser radiation exposure. The final moments of the film would show him and his partner embracing tightly as the Death Star crumbles all around them in slow motion while a Sarah Maclachlan song plays in some alien language.