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Radical Attack of the Clones Edit - by 13las (* unfinished project *)
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15-Mar-2014, 2:58 PM

Ok I guess it's time for an update on this.  As I have said before, I don't have access to any sophisticated video editing software. I'm also going to be starting college in a few months which means money and time will be at an all time low :) 

What I'm trying to say is that the final product of this edit won't begin to take shape for at least a year or two.  I have finished a work print but it's more of a feature length mockup of how a rearranged order might play out.  I haven't bothered to make the cuts very smooth or work with the best quality footage available.  Eventually, I'd like to complete this edit using Emanswfan's Filmized prequels as a base.  from what he's said on that thread, that project will take a while, so maybe by the time they are done, I'll be ready to get started for real.

However, I am still very interested in keeping this topic alive to discuss ideas related to radically reshaping this second prequel (and the others).  

In my work print, I have put the geonosis battle at around the 1 hour point.  Then after yoda says "begun the clone war has", and we see the clones marching and boarding the starships, I would like to have some clips of other battles taking place.  I truly believe that the Clone Wars tv series has some shots of battle that look as good as the cgi in attack of the clones.  this additional footage wouldn't have to be much, I'm imagining just wiping from planet to planet in order to get a glimpse of the scope of this grand war (sort of like the order 66 sequence).  I'm still debating if this would be enough to cut to in between the main narrative (anakin and padme on tatooine) that takes place after geonosis in my edit -- or is tatooine would be more effective to play out uninterripted. 

I suppose this stuff should probably be in the Radical Prequel thread, but I do plan to undertake this edit eventually, so for now id love to hear any ideas that people have in this one.  

Have a nice day :)