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kk650's Star Wars Saga: Regraded and Semi-Specialized (Released)
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11-Mar-2014, 11:03 PM

kk650 said:

Cool, thanks for the feedback.

The balance looks good to me as well across the whole film. Those settings are meant to be for the classic version though, I've got a nice 'matte' feeling going with the SW and ROTJ classic settings, do you feel that it looks a little too saturated?

This clip below uses the same settings as the previous clip but with reduced saturation. Do you prefer how this clip looks to the previous clip for the classic setting?!X8ZTWLzL!wDIQLrUTy045tR_qxhWPNEg9DwBj1b9ZTIxXveKjld8

 Took a look at both, and I think you know what I like by now. I prefer the previous look, not this one with its reduced saturation settings.