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The ANH:SE Redux Ideas thread (Radical Ideas Welcome).
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23-Feb-2014, 6:23 PM
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23-Feb-2014, 6:29 PM
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RE: the recent re-links to Angel's deviantart page on Ady's thread among the bleached-out, turquoised-out stuff which doesn't jingle my bells much are a few that stylistically make ANH look more like ESB.

They are both films of their time and I want to have a proper preservation of both looks (Harmy's versions being the current next best thing).

But if the goal of a SE edit is to make the films feel less like films and more like events from the same fictional universe, making the OT feel like it's all set in the same universe is as important as making the PT look like it exists in the same universe as the OT.  I personally would rather ANH and ROTJ were made to look more like ESB than any other combination. Of all the OT films it just feels to me, more cinematic and complete without the plastic reality of the PT or rubber reality of ROTJ.

Threepio's eyes being made bright yellow like ESB would aid some of the shots of ANH and ROTJ where they look dull or switched off for example.

And the green charts in the Rebel war room would look better blue like they are in ESB. These are the mockup ideas I like on those pages.

George and Richard didn't seem to have the same eye for framing a shot as Kersh and I like sometimes Angel's reframing of shots to give them a more painterly composition.

Of all the colour choices on there one I do approve of is the recoloring of the speeder chasing after artoo. It really makes the image more dramatic and less uniformly pink.

But I wish he would back down on the blue fixation a bit.

As I've said many times the guy has got talent even if he has burned bridges here and I would love to see his ideas in motion.