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Monty Python and the Holy Grail -- 1975 theatrical
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15-Jan-2014, 8:07 PM

Love that this is happening. The bluray is great but that scene is annoying. The dumb thing is that with seamless branching they could have made it optional on the bluray disc quite easily.

As for Graham turning to ask for his lines I believe that was from the Python Night special but I've read some places that earlier video recordings had that still in. Not sure it's true though.

I do know that the VHS I used to rent from blockbuster had the jesus christ intact, but then a DIFFERENT blockbuster had it deleted. Saved up my pennies for weeks to buy the FIRST DVD which was pretty terrible but didn't include the added 24 seconds  at Castle Anthrax. Then saved up my money AGAIN when it was re-released. Never got the three-disc edition or the various other re-releases but the Bluray was a no brainer.

Watching Life of Brian right now in fact. Great looking blu!