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Info Wanted: Is there 5.1 surround sound on the Despecialized Editions?
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1-Jan-2014, 6:02 PM

Rebelscum said:

I'm comparing the 2.5 MKV with the sound on my 2004 DVD's... and the MKV is just missing too much surround information... like for example all the panning from the back speakers to the front speakers when ships zoom away or from the screen... I get none of those effects. 

Also for example the scene at the beginning when we first see C-3PO and R2 onboad the Tantive IV... on my DVD's you can clearly hear the background explosions on the rear speakers... but on the MKV that separation is lost and the explosions are heard in the front speakers. 

And also you can hear much more of the music spill out into the rear speakers on the DVD's... on the 2.5 MKV things are silent most of the time. I can also hear the dialogue in the rear speakers. Strange. And when I switch right back to another movie on the WD TD Live it all sound perfect.  

 This is all correct. The 5.1 on Despecialized is a recreation of the original 70mm track (done fantastically by Hairy-Hen), which would be mixed very differently from the 2004 dvd.

The dialogue spills into the rears ocasonally because it's an upmix from a stereo track.