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Neverar's A New Hope Technicolor Recreation (V1 Released!)
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1-Jan-2014, 3:38 PM
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26-May-2018, 1:03 AM
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A New Hope Technicolor Recreation v1 is hereby released!

Comparison Gallery Part 1

V2 Fox Logo

Comparison Gallery Part 2

Comparison Gallery Part 3

Comparison Gallery Part 4

Comparison Gallery Part 5

Downloadable Comparison Gallery (in progress)

A 20gb version is also available on Myspleen, and the links to a 34gb version are available via PM with the stipulation that you meet the basic requirements set down by NJVC and Valheru (member for 6 months, post count more than 10)*.

Note that this project is still technically unfinished, since some lightsaber shots have yet to be replaced. There will be a version 2 at some unspecified date, and this will be the ‘final’ version. The color of some shots will undoubtedly be tweaked for the final version, but nothing dramatic.

*If you’re a new member and you own the blu-ray, PM me a picture of the official Blu-ray with the Blu-ray case and a banana** on top for scale and I’ll give you the links, as well as my heartfelt appreciation for your effort. 😉

**Just kidding. It can be any type of fruit. Except cantaloupe. I hate cantaloupe.

Original Post Follows:

Here it is; a shot-by-shot color corrected and slightly despecialized version of the Star Wars ANH 2011 Blu-ray!

Tantive Final

The goal for this project is to correct the atrocious color of the blu-ray and adapt it to the look of a 1977 Technicolor film while at the same time using the 2004 German HD broadcast to remove the most baffling 2011 changes.

The Usual Suspects

In addition, using other sources, I am fixing hundreds of individual color and luminance issues throughout the film including crushed highlights, miscolored lights and lasers, missing gradients, and bad individual frames. Essentially this is the Special Edition seen in the best possible light.

77 Hologram Colors

Delicious Dinner

One reason that I am not performing a full despecialization is that this project will be the basis of Harmy’s fully Despecialized Edition version 3.0, so it makes sense to have an SE version of the film for those who want it or want to make their own semi-despecialized versions of the film. I am also interested in seeing what the added footage such as the Jabba scene will look like with '77 color.

The despecializations involve reverting the 2011 Blu-ray to the 2004 edition using the German HD broadcast, with a few exceptions. The reversions are:
-Returning R2’s jump cut roll in the Tantive IV secondary corridor
-Recreating the SE mountain removal in the '77 version of the Binary Sunset, since the Blu-ray has extremely degraded color and detail.

Mountain Removal

-Removing the ‘Ghost Luke’ homestead artifact introduced in the Special Edition
-Removing the rocks around R2-D2 in the Tusken Attack
-Returning the color of the degraded SE shots to their original color

A Beautiful Piece of Junk

-Replacing the 2004 recomposited Lightsaber effects with '77 film versions (The SE lightsabers often have incorrect colors and clearly use degraded elements to the point that the lightsaber effect is just a misshapen blob, making them impossible to correct without additional luminosity detail)


2011 Blu-ray changes that remain:
-The gray escape pod door is averaged with the original blue version, since the blue is over-represented in the Blu-ray
-The Han/Greedo shootout, since unlike the 2004 version they both shoot at essentially the same time, and a fully despecialized version of this scene requires Harmy’s skill and resources

Almost Final Image

Work in Progress

Sources for this project are the photos and video of the Technicolor Star Wars projection in the Senator Theater, screenshots that Mike Verta has made available on his website, the 2004 HDTV Broadcast, Team Blu’s GOUT, Team Blu’s '97 version, Team -1’s Silver Screen Edition, Technicolor frame scans, and numerous set and costume photos.

Current status of project as of 5-25-18: Version 1 is available as a 20gb encode on the spleen and a 34gb encode through PM. Version 2 will have slight adjustments to several scenes, as well as fully replaced sabers from film elements, and this will be done as soon as the saber replacements are completed by Harmy.

A comparison of Reel 2 (top) with the Blu-ray (bottom).
A complete preview of Reel 4.
Also, a preview of the first 5 minutes of Reel 6.

Questions, comments, complaints, nitpicking, over-analyzing, opinions, speculation, and wild theories are welcome.