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Jetrell Fo
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Bring Back Ric!
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15-Dec-2013, 8:29 PM
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15-Dec-2013, 8:47 PM
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Jetrell Fo
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TV's Frink said:

Everyone thinks they have a good sense of humor.  The ones who don't are the ones who feel the need to try and convince everyone they do.

Okay ..... You may think molestation is funny and a good laugh to be had by all but I do NOT.  Nor do others who have suffered it.

PLEASE: would a moderator or admin explain to Frink why he is not allowed to have a sock even though it is painfully clear to most of us ... I'm begging you, please put an end to his torment so we can move on.

Thank you kindly.

Leonardo said:


Leonardo said:

Jetrell Fo said:

@Leonardo, THAT is nasty.  I'm actually offended and I have a fairly good sense of humor.

 Does not compute. Syntax error #273, class "offended" incompatible with class "fairly good sense of humour".  ABNe577@level42. Press Return to Restart System. Press Escape to Cancel Error.

Again, molestation is NOT a laughing matter, that kinda crap isn't humorous at all.