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Help: looking for... The Land Before Time (1988) - full original uncut version
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10-Dec-2013, 4:20 PM

qljo said:

Moviefan said:

Hello, i was really shocked when i heard land before time was cut version then i searched if there would be a parts in internet then i found it was released atleast in finnish television and how lucky i really could be? land before time is one of my favorite movies and i live in finland and i have 3 copy of land before time first 1995 second 1998 third 2003, and actually the 1995 is uncutted with findub, not even bad quality its vhs quality watchable i would love to publish it in internet but  i need to get vhsrip to the computer and edit a heck if i wanna put the deleted scenes to the orginal film, it would be a funny cos if i put it in english version there would be parts with finnish language or i could just make subtitles to english from the parts and add to the film. now i dont have the equipments to do so, but in near future i might buy equipments to do so.

and trust me when u will see the uncut version its not a big deal  there's only few part where sharp tooth attacks and i really dont get why did they remove that scene from the movie where they meet spiky it was about 2min longer what on the cutted version and there was part's where littlefoot's mother speaks to him with ''ghostly voice'' but there was also a part where was some kinda lizard chasing them and it was not in the cutted version.. well anyway i try do the best what i can.

 You know what - If you really have that 79 minutes mysterious Finish uncut version, I hereby offer you 1000 Euros for that tape - I will then nicely digitize it in my studio and make it available digitally for all those who are desperate for it, including myself. Deal?

LOL, I'll chip in for that.