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Update on recent troll and sock puppet activity
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3-Dec-2013, 7:10 AM
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19-Apr-2014, 4:57 PM
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Troll banning/thread bumping

You have probably already noticed, but coltonlolz has now been banned for repeatedly bumping old threads with pointless or irrelevant posts. He was given several warnings about his behavior which he ignored.

Request from the moderation team: in future if you see this kind of activity, please notify one of us (SilverWook, Moth3r or Anchorhead) in a PM instead of posting a response in the bumped thread. Additional posts in a bumped thread just make extra work for us when deleting posts.

Sock puppet accounts/username spoofing

You may also have noticed an account with username spoofed to look like coltonlolz's. This spoofing was a result of someone exploiting a vulnerability in the forum software (which, incidentally, has now been fixed). Although the accounts looked identical, they were completely separate, and nobody who created an account through this bug was able to access the true account's posts or messages, or cause any real harm other than confusing the user base.

Last time this happened I threatened to ban the main account associated with future sock puppet accounts - and this would have happened to AnctuFaalb, had he not owned up of his own accord and posted a public apology.

From this point on, no more sock puppet accounts. The two long-standing account that slipped through the net have now been dealt with, and any future socks will result in the banning of both the sock and the main account.