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The Troll Speculation Thread
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29-Nov-2013, 3:27 AM
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29-Nov-2013, 3:31 AM
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I was responsible for the pseudo-pat man (pat[space][space]man), TaggartFrenzy, and pseudo-coltonlolz (coltonlolz[space]) sock-puppet accounts.

I don't know why I engaged in this juvenile behavior. It started as a way to "troll the trolls" (or so I thought), but quickly spun out-of-control.

I didn't think about how my actions would damage the trust that this community is built upon; I was too hyper and caught up in the moment to reflect on what I was doing. Despite what my sock-puppet accounts indicate, I do care deeply about this community and am now in the right state-of-mind to implore you to accept my aplogies for inflicting this damage.

pat man: Please accept my apology for impersonating you. I took pat[space][space]man way too far and you never deserved being treated like that. I am sorry.

coltonlolz: Please accept my apology for impersonating you. I was particularly juvenile with coltonlolz[space] and I fear that it may have worsened some users' opinion of you due to the confusion. I am sorry.

Leonardo: Please accept my apology for egging-you-on with coltonlolz[space]. I knew nothing of your recent loss and the knowledge that I made this time harder for you is something I will regret for the rest of my life. I am sorry.

mods{Jay, Anchorhead, Moth3r, SilverWook}: Please accept my apology for making your respective jobs here harder to do. I am sorry. Please accept my apology for undermining your trust with my confusing sock-puppet account shenanigans. The content (and intent, really) of my sock-puppet posts was unacceptable. I was nearly banned for this, so I have certainly learned my lesson. I am sorry.

I swear to never again take up a sock-puppet account or do anything of the sort. I'm done.

I'll continue to try to be a productive member of this community and I'll do my best to support it in any way I can.