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Halloween [spoRv] *BD-25 RELEASED*
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14-Nov-2013, 3:24 AM

Thanks to everybody for supporting this project!

I'm still trying to find the missing soundtracks, but they are all multichannels, and I WANT only the mono... at this point, even a capture of the VHS soundtracks are moe than welcome...

Today I'll capture the laserdisc soundtrack; I know DoomBot worked on it, thank you! But, with a direct comparison between the laserdisc and BD video, I could sync with a frame precision, and, as I discovered there are TWO frames of difference between the BD and the DVD, probably the same is for the laserdisc, hence the sync problems noted by some users here. Plus, the isolated score and the commentary soundtracks will be captured as well.

I repeat my request: I'm looking for someone who's able to build Blu-ray menus, that want to make a BD menu for this project (and maybe others); it will be cool to have a simple menu at the beginning, that will let the viewer choose the soundtracks and/or subtitles... not mandatory, but an improvement over a "straight" release - but I must admit I love this laserdisc-like approach of my projects... you put the disc into the player, and the movie starts immediately... ah, how much I miss those good ol' days of laserdisc viewing...

Well, back to the present days; here you are some screenshots of the ColourMatch'ed BD - top DVD, middle CM, bottom BD:

Is the final result perfect? NO! But this is the best compromise, retaining all the BD resolution, and most (often almost all) DVD color grading.

Hope you like it!