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1-Nov-2013, 12:48 PM

skyjedi2005 said:

poita said:

The best analogy I read was someone's tag here, the SE is like having someone run a long scratch down the side of your car with a key. It doesn't affect the performance of even the look of your car all that much, it would equate to less than 1% of the paintwork being changed, but every time you looked at your car it would piss you off, and you couldn't help feeling annoyed and wondering why someone would do that to you.

No disrespect to you the the person's sig and i am against the changes Lucas made but it is a poor analogy.  Star Wars was Lucas creation if anything he was keying his own car not ours.

Now its Disney's car.

Star Wars might have been Lucas' original idea, but it wasn't his creation.

Hundreds (thousands?) of people contributed to the creation of Star Wars, including some who put more time and effort (and therefore had a bigger impact) into it than George Lucas himself.

Very few people create an entire film in isolation. George Lucas certainly didn't.

The idea Star Wars belonged solely to George Lucas–or that any movie belongs solely to its director–discredits and devalues the innumerable contributions made by all the people involved.