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STAR WARS: REBELS (animated tv series) - a general discussion thread
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17-Oct-2013, 12:56 PM
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17-Oct-2013, 1:00 PM
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I'm sleepy. Not at my most articulate.

DuracellEnergizer said:


Reegar said:

DuracellEnergizer said:


Bester said:

Only if he has skills with the Force. Otherwise, it would be a pretty one-sided fight.

I'd very much like to see a non-Force using lightsaber weilder who can hold his own against a Jedi. It'd be a refreshing change of pace.

JEDIT: Just saw the image of this new character. It's just another stupid Maul knockoff. God damn this stagnant piece-of-shit franchise.


Good point about a non-Force sensitive fighting a Jedi. That's one of the appeals of Batman; he depends on gadgetry, wit, and training to take down super-powered beings.

Ironically enough (or maybe not), I'm kind of sick of Batman - well, the psycho-ninja, "I'm-so-perfect-I-can't-even-kill-someone-by-accident" Batman of the last decade or so. Give me the Bronze Age/early Modern Age/B:TAS Batman anyday.

The Inquisitor may take aesthetic influence from Maul (what's inherently wrong

The problem is that almost all Sith/Dark Jedi are being designed this way. Be it TV series, comics, video games, or whatever have you, the likelihood of coming across some darksider who doesn't like Gene Simmons or Marilyn Manson with a red lightsaber these days is next to impossible.

I want more Exar Kuns, King Ommins, and Lumiyas, less Space Goths.


I respect your point of view, sir/mam, and maybe the horror look in these characters has grown a tad stale. What if he had been an innocuous-looking Imperial officer?

Then again, I'm going to wait to gauge my final opinion. If his personality traits and fighting style are in check, we're good to go.

I hope you can still watch this new animated series, even though you've been met with some disappointment already.