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ANH - Chewie attacks from smuggling compartments scene?
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6-Oct-2013, 3:27 PM

Greeting, everyone! I'm new here, and likely to ask silly questions.

I saw two screencaps in Skywalker Paradigm claiming Chewbacca attacking stormtroopers from smuggling compartments once aboard the Death Star. Don't remember seeing it anywhere before.

Chewbacca's attack

Chewbacca attacks a stormtrooper

The settings behind Chewee do not look like Falcon though. The corridor looks a bit narrow for the  Death Star as seen in ANH, and I don't remember anything like this inside the shield generator bunker seen in ROTJ.

Where does it come from? Can it just be fake?

If you have this footage, would you care to share it with me?