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The Vaultbreakers Collection - Disney Preservations
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26-Sep-2013, 1:23 AM

Avatar_Emil said:

Doctor M said:

What is a Grimsby error?

Well, according to IMDb: Just before Grimsby uncovers Eric's statue, the shirt of a sailor behind him changes color.

Actually, it's the scene when Ariel and Eric depart for their tour of the kingdom. Grimsby and Carlotta are on a balcony, waving goodbye. Grimsby's hand is in front of Carlotta, despite looking like it was drawn to be resting on the balcony rail. Basically a layer issue. The Platinum corrects this and it's back in the Diamond (like it should be). This is one of the things that suggests they used a completely different print that simply cleaning up the Platinum master. It's pretty subtle.

Here's a good video highlighting what's been found. My peeves are the credits and the Scuttle fade, but the POYW error is inexcusable.


Mermaid uses CAPS at least twice from what I've read. First when the carraige lands from the jump (note the non-spinning wheels due to it) and when Ariel runs down the stairs after being told Eric is getting married. Supposedly the rainbow at the end too. As for using it as color sourcing, think again. CAPS footage, like the cels, were painted with the film stock used in mind for the final negatives and prints. It's why Rescuers Down Under's BD was sourced from a print and not the CAPS files. They're NOT the final colors. Disney should be using film tests and color guides as they're source, not the cels of CAPS files. Sadly, most of the restorers appear to be unaware of this.

Also, the Bishop is still missing his knees, but the effect looks a touch different.