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Darth Editous
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Star Wars OT SE 1080p 70mm Filmized Concept
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7-Sep-2013, 5:28 PM
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7-Sep-2013, 5:34 PM
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Darth Editous
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better comparison with less compression in the "wrong" image

It looks to me, based on the unaltered screenshots, like you've started off with video decoded using the wrong colour matrix. See this:

The "over" image is the raw BD correctly decoded with the rec.709 matrix.

Possibly not a massive deal if you're colour correcting everything anyway, but HD material should always be decoded to RGB with rec.709, not rec.601.

I sometimes wonder if a small part of the complaints about the colour of the blu-rays is down to this.

It's also why Ady's videos were the wrong colour on YouTube. YouTube always uses rec709, both for SD and HD (it should only really be used for HD). My guess is his videos were (incorrectly) encoded with rec601, which would then look fine on his player (some, again, incorrectly use rec601) but would be wrong on YouTube.