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Info: Recommended Editions of Disney Animated (and Partially Animated) Features
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25-Aug-2013, 5:55 AM

Doctor M said:

@klingon_jedi - I maintain and continue to maintain that the Platinum Edition is a great transfer of the film.  The colors match the first laserdisc release.

To compare it to the Limited DVD release is a mistake since that series of DVDs is across the board awful.  It was a half hearted poorly managed first foray into DVDs.  I wouldn't need one hand to count the films they got right in that series.

Except for the knee edit and the soundtrack, since fixed in a custom release, there is no reason to doubt its accuracy.  Clements and Musker at least were consulted, which is more than we can say for the BD.

I can't imaging that the one thing they wouldn't insist on is the accuracy of the color of Ariel's tail.


Umm... no they don't. I'm not even comparing it to the limited DVD nor  did I ever say I did. I own both the 1990 Laserdisc and the 2006 DVD. The colors are are often drastically different. It may error closer to the 90, and it may match it moreso than the 98 and first DVD (which I've never seen), but they do not match in any of the shots I've compared. Ariel's tail is outright green in almost every shot I've looked at on the DVD. It's blue-green on the 1990. I used to set the tint on my TVs to her tail when I was young. The film should be red and blue, the Platinum is basically orange/pink and green to me.  The knee edit, botched soundtrack, and often vastly different color timing all combine to make the Platinum all but unwatchable for me. My laser is actually messed up at Under the Sea, and I still watch it over that DVD. What I've seen of the new BD is a lot closer to the LD though I'm sure it won't match it either. Still, it was looking more promising that some of the last few.

Your own write up supports me too. ^_^

Also, anyone know if the knee is back? I somehow doubt it.