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15-Aug-2013, 9:27 PM

Ripley slides open the door to the infirmary. She sees Portnoy standing over a dazed Newt, her limbs no longer tied to the rails of her stretcher. The doctor is readying a syringe of an unidentified chemical when he spots the panicked Ripley.


"You're not authorized to be here. Security!" he yells and points with a wiry finger.


Ripley tosses the old man onto his side with a single powerful flail. He topples an entire cart of medical equipment and knocks his aged hip bone against the cold steel of the Sulaco's deck.


"Ripley!" cries out Newt when she comes to in the midst of the noise and commotion. She gets up out of the stretcher and rushes to hug her protector.


"Newt! You're going to be fine," Ripley says with a bead of sweat trickling down her throbbing temple.


The little girl turns to her second mother. "Ripley...I don't-," she coughs dryly several times, "-feel so good."


Ripley brushes aside Newt's hair and tries to protect her from the the panicked, fast-paced mood of the moment. "You're going to be OK. We've got to get off this ship. Just follow me, Newt."