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Darth Stewie
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23-Jun-2013, 5:41 AM

As far as the trooper dialogue goes, I wouldn't use the "Do you know what's going on" but I'll have to say it was pretty funny. 

Ones to keep:

1. "Yes Sir" - inside AT-AT

2. Modified version of "Stop that ship" - SOMETHING would be nice there. Somebody said soldiers don't talk during the heat of battle and that's wrong. They're yelling commands and tactics the whole time if it's a fluid battle.

3. Modified version of "Follow Me" - When he shoves Leia something like "Move it" would work for me. Perhaps another "I said MOVE IT" when they're trying to pull Leia inside the door.

4. "It's them" - But I'd move this to the first trooper that got shot instead.

5. "Blast them" - But move to the instant before R2 blasts his smoke. A trooper waves his arms for the others to move forward. Right there would work with the body language.

I know Ady probably won't use any of these ideas but: Maybe some "Uhgs" and "Arghs" when troopers are shot. They have always seemed like target dummies in ESB and ROTJ. It'd be nice to beef up their collective character a little. If not for the official audio then certainly for an alternate one. I like these ideas for a more liberal edit.