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Darth Lucas
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Remake the Prequels
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13-Jun-2013, 2:52 AM

Random idea sharing time.   I decided to watch the Star Wars trilogy the other day for inspiration/ideas and one of the things that struck me this time around was how Obi-Wan describes Jedi.  He said "I was once a Jedi Knight the same as your father."  Then in Empire he says "There you will learn from Yoda, the Jedi Master who instructed me."  Rather than just saying "Jedi"  he specifies "Knight"  or "Master"  This doesn't strike me as a difference in rank, more a difference in type. I look to Christianity to explain what I mean.  To me, Jedi Knights would be the equivalent of, well, knights.  Jedi Masters to me are the equivalent of monks, or priests.  They all belong to the same religion, but do different things.  I'm thinking of having the Jedi culture be quite similar to this.  Jedi Masters are priests and scholars, trying to uncover the secrets and mysteries of the Force.  The Knights use the Force to protect the Galaxy from evils.  It is the Masters' jobs to train the Knights.  The knights do not train each other.  This makes for an extremely unusual request when Obi-Wan asks to train Anakin.  They finally arrive at the Jedi Temple after their Episode I adventures.  Obi-Wan goes before the council of Masters to request Anakin be trained.  Yoda and the masters can express their unwillingness to train Anakin due to his fear and anger similarly to in TPM.  Obi-Wan then requests that he may train Anakin.  Yoda, after much deliberation, allows it, thinking that perhaps Anakin's unusual abilities may benefit from less than normal training.  This would be the first time a knight has trained another knight in the history of the Jedi Order.  "I thought I could instruct him as well as Yoda.  I was wrong."  We then end Episode I with some kind of Jedi initiation ceremony, whereby Anakin swears allegiance to the Jedi, and Obi-Wan gives him the name Skywalker.