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Star Trek Into Darkness Full Spoiler Discussion
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8-Jun-2013, 4:41 PM

Finally saw this.

Definitely the best film I have seen this year, makes Iron Man 3 look like a TV movie. I don't understand any of the criticism Trek fans have levelled at this. For shame, you got a terrific, fantastic movie that is the best thing to happen to the series in almost 20 years and people are disappointed. Good grief. I loved the twists and turns, the cast is fantastic and the action scenes were suspenseful and expertly crafted. There are very, very few criticisms I can think of for this film. If you want to nitpick every film has plot holes and flaws--Star Wars, Dark Knight, Wrath of Khan--but when films deliver you don't really care about them or notice in the moment. This film was like that. I'll be seeing this again while I can and I'm pretty pumped for what Abrams will do with Star Wars.

But honestly guys, how THE FUCK can people here dislike the film? I can understand if you didn't think it was great. But seriously guys, just enjoy the film, barring Man of Steel this is one of the best science fiction blockbusters of the last decade.