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Star Wars OT & 1997 Special Edition - Various Projects Info (Released)
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31-May-2013, 10:25 PM

dark_jedi said:

SS4DarthPayne said:

Any news/updates?

No not really, everything has been done for a long time now just sitting on my drives, we are currently testing the authoring package for Conan then we are going to go onto NOTLD 90 SE, then we will author up these 2, the other 2 are taking up way to much space on my drives and the authoring package is a lot trickier on those 2 then the SW projects so we are banging those 2 out first, plus I am going to start doing a new thing for you guys if it all works out, I am going to make a mobile version available, I just now made available the mobile version of our Conan project, search TPB handhelds and check it out, if it works and everyone likes this I will start doing this for all our Team Blu releases.

Sorry these are not done yet but I really need to clear off drive space really bad lol, all 3 of my drives are almost full, and these SW BD's are only BD25's, the other 2 I mentioned are BD50's.


Is there a chance, that you'd release a little snip-it/teaser of the eventual outcome, to hold us over until the time comes when you do the full release? Maybe if we all ask, pretty please?