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Info: POSSIBLY FOUND - Star Wars A New Hope Technicolor I.B. dye transfer print - random post on reddit
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30-May-2013, 4:32 PM

Mielr said:

Read this if you want to know what 20th Century Fox stupidly did to their entire Technicolor catalog (post #8):

I didn't know this had happened in the 70's..the fire at George Eastman's house or the trashing of valuable film footage at FOX, how stupid of them!

I guess I hadn't realized also, that the digital format, isn't the end-all and be-all either. It is very susceptible to possibly being "out dated" and not backwards compatible. If you read the above linked articles, it does a lot better job of explaining it than I can. The point being, if we don't transfer these films to old time film stock, we may lose them forever.

Mike do you have plans on duplicating this film on to other film stock, or are you only going digital with the preservation? Is it even possibly to transfer a film unto new film stock nowadays?