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@trekkie 313 I totally agree...

I'm not saying CGI is crap either but it is over used as the one stop solution to any major production and it's wearing thin.

I have recently been going through many old horror movies and anthologies just to admire the make up and creature effects that I so badly miss as well as miniature work and stop motion. It looks amazing compared to films today.

It is like everyone says CGI is the most expensive process and that it's actually cheaper to do it with miniatures or make-up and animatronics... But I call BS the CGI is a cheaper less time consuming process and can be edited and changed on the fly without constant physical re-design or re-shoots. And the top tier talent base is possibly quite niche now

I don't buy CGI is more expensive but if it is get more of the Old Talent and their apprentices back into movies doing it the way it used to be done but enhanced with CGI I think this is the winning strategy and start writing off so much unrealistic CGI that looks really horrible... Use the Hobbit as a prime example that also has gone the way of the PT star wars trilogy.

Using the right tool for the right job is what it boils down to and working that into a budget not just ok let's call the CGI guys in they will fix it. Making decisions on what will work better and not what is cheaper or easier.


Just found this


Talking of re-scoring a special edition scene.... Perhaps this part with the cloud car fly through up until leia is at the window in cloud city... I wonder if it could be improved... Although I am stuck for suggestions on a replacement.