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Darth Stewie
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23-May-2013, 2:35 PM

adywan said:

Texturing is now complete on the hangar miniature. Next to paint it and add all the extra mechanical and pipe details


Darth Stewie said:

The prequels are horrible about the holograms looking around and looking at who they are talking to. It makes zero sense. In ESB the various captains are the same size as Vader onboard the Executor. It makes sense that they are perhaps looking at life-sized holograms of Vader just as he is looking at them life-sized. Pre-recorded ones like Luke's and Leia's have them looking forward but not interacting. If memory serves, in the meditation chamber, the 'front-view' of the Emperor seems to be looking forward whereas the side view seems to have him looking down at Vader. With the Veers/Vader scene, I just think it makes sense that the shot be changed entirely or at the very least have Vader looking forward instead of looking up. 

Although in the real world Vader should be looking forward. But this is a movie and in cinematic terms, because Veers is looking down at the Hologram, Vader needs to be looking up or it would just look wrong. You can't change the shot to him looking forward because it will look completely wrong if Vader isn't looking directly at Veers. You also can't change the hologram for Vader to be looking forwards because, again, Veers is looking down.But who is to say that Vader isn't looking up at a monitor? He doesn't have to be looking at a hologram of Veers. We don't see the other end of the transmission.

Though I disagree with the decision I respect your perspective. I guess once you're done I'll do my own revisited special edition again to suit my own wants after you and your crew have done all the heavy lifting. I loathe roto work and I'd love to know your techniques to help make my own work go smoother. Any chance of doing a small "how to" video ala Andrew Kramer? I think that learned ability would help all of us fellow editors.

Also, great work on the hangar bay. Glad to to see it taking shape.