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The Lost World: Jurassic Park [ruLes] - BD RELEASED
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22-May-2013, 12:45 AM
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tranzor said:

I am still a bit in the fog on this and his other Jurassic park project. Are the released blurays screwed up? Other than the sound I am not following the point of all the various video sources being used

The Bluray release features a cropped video and altered soundmix (sounds were added that weren't there originally).

The aspect ratio is still 1.85:1, but the framing has been changed and zoomed-into, cutting off picture information from all four sides. Though only certain scenes are not too heavily cropped and display different framing than the laserdiscs.

The JP[rules] project was undertaken to restore the wider and taller (in most cases) laserdisc framing and the original 5.1 DTS track (also used theatrically). As for using different video sources- The PAL disks fade out at the end of a disk, and fade in on the other end. The NTSC discs don't, hence the NTSC ones are used in those particular scenes. 

Its all explained by the undertaker, in the project introduction at the top of the first page, so have a look.