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Blu-Ray and other HD box size STAR WARS covers
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14-May-2013, 11:31 PM
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14-May-2013, 11:41 PM
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Coming soon!!!

In a vein similar to Harmy's restorations I have restored the film posters to the best of my abilities. They may not be 100% accurate, but they are very pleasing to the eye. I did my own take of the Definitive laser disc box set, though it is still quite different. I'm almost done with the discs, so they will be uploaded sometime in the next few days or so.

All art and images are pre 1997 material to make things more legit. The only images on the back that are not from Harmy's preservation are promotional images and what not.


It is a shame that ESF only promised that good looking "LD" box and never delivered the result ...

I started working retail after I said that. I'm gonna take another wack at it. I should still have the files. My computer is coughing up dust, but I should still be able to get something.

Well, I didn't have the finished files, but luckily, I had to original project files. So I finished them up along with the box. I lost the directions to how to make the box, but it's pretty self explanatory.

Here is the link. It's a large size, but they are large files.



Aaaaaand, it's dead again :p If you could please just post the box itself.

Thanks in advance.

Better yet, is it possible to post links to each cover and the box seperately?

I tried image shack, but for some reason, it messes the colors up badly.