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12-May-2013, 1:56 AM

Cyborg (1989)

Jean Claude Van Damme classic from Cannon, possibly THE 1980s "bad action movie" studio that brought us stuff like Crime Zone, Superman 4, Masters of the Universe and Delta Force. A great 1980s b-movie with a few cool special effects and some very interesting costume designs. Picture Mad Max meets Escape From New York. Obviously this is a bad movie, but it has that 80's Cannon charm. I found the VHS on sale for $1.25. The cover was actually printed out and taped over another VHS cover from the rental store, and I hadn't seen this since the 1990s. It was actually a bit more badass in my memory, but maybe because it was one of the first R-rated films I saw, back when Fox strangely used to air it on Saturday afternoon in the early 1990s. Nothing like a Cannon film though, these things defined 1980s sci-fi action films. If you are into that sort of thing.