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10-May-2013, 12:48 AM
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Enterprise is a decent sci-fi series, it just doesn't really feel like a Star Trek series, and I think that's why it's always been the black sheep. Voyager, even if it was mediocre half the time, at least looked and played like you would expect it to. But if you like TNG and DS9, you won't necessarily like Enterprise, and I think that's the main reason it never has found an audience. It's not a bad show. But ST fans are not going to be kind to it, and non-ST fans aren't going to discover it either, so it only held that minority of ST fans who watched it, realized it wasn't really like any ST series, but liked it anyway. I can't say I'm one of them either. I wish I was, after I watch all the DS9 episodes I missed while TNG was still on, I'm out of luck as well.