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Boston Marathon Explosion(s)
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26-Apr-2013, 10:42 PM
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I'm not ignoring it, I realize things hit home when they are on your own doorstep. My area was deeply affected by 9/11, as I live closer to NYC than many Americans and have many friends there and great love of that city; my city was also a known future target, and our airports and everything were shut down for a while. It was a big deal, and I still keep all the newspapers from that month, they are in a box in my basement.

But still. It was twelve fucking years ago. As C3PS said, young people now don't consider Al Queda something to fear, when they hear of shootings and bombings, that is not what they think of because they have never known a time when Al Queda struck the United States of America. Using September 11th to justify reactions is what I was criticizing. At what point does 9/11 stop being used as an excuse for certain mentalities? It's not 2003, I understand things hit home, but at a certain point you have to get over it and move on, raging against people because of 9/11 is not only illogical, it comes across as immature.