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sean wookie
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What is up with French people?
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26-Apr-2013, 4:32 PM

CP3S said:

TV's Frink said:

georgec said:

I like their fries.

Anyone remember "freedom fries"?

Yeah, that was dumb.

How big was the freedom fries thing? Back in 2001 I was lucky if I got to check my email once a week or so, and didn't have much access to the internet, and when I did it was really, really slow. I heard about it from another American in a conversation I remember being very frustrating (I hate when people tell you something vague, and have no details to offer about it).

"You know, they call them freedom fries now."


"Freedom fries. They call french fries freedom fries now."

"Who does?"

"They do."

"Who is 'they'?"

"In America, they are freedom fries now, and not french fries."

"I get that we're talking about in America, but who calls them that?"

"Americans do."


I was imagining anything from a small minority of people demanding that they be called "freedom fries" and getting a lot of press buzz over it, to restaurant menus being changed and McDonald's tellers asking, "Would you like freedom fries with that?" I'm now under the impression it was something very minor that caused most people to roll their eyes when they heard it. To what extent did this "freedom fry" thing actually go?

Wikipedia has a good explanation for this.