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Boston Marathon Explosion(s)
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15-Apr-2013, 11:51 PM
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Warbler said:

zombie84 said:

SilverWook said:

nightstalkerpoet said:

I'm only in my early 20s... has the past year actually been way more destructive with all these evil acts happening, or is it just the fact that I'm starting to tune into the news more? Dark Knight Massacre, Newtown Massacre, Boston Marathon Massacre, not to mention the stream of shootings here in Seattle lately...

Prayers for everyone who was there, and their families.

Bad things have happened throughout history. I can recall some pretty awful and tragic events in the 80's and 90's. We simply learn about them much faster these days, and there are more cameras in more places than ever before. There has also been the spectre of copycats in the wake of such events.

Hopefully, some of those cameras caught an image of the bastards who did this.


And after all the homebrew terrorist attacks over the last 12 months, I would say it's bordering on racist to automatically assume this is related to any Muslim organization.

It may well be the case, but the most destructive acts of terrorism in the last few years in the USA have been perpetrated by good old fashioned white American Christians, so let's not get ahead of ourselves.

I don't really consider Al Qaeda a Muslim organization,  I consider it a terrorist organization.   And I didn't assume anything, I guessed.   Considering 911, all the other attacks that Al Qaeda has pulled off and the fact that they constantly threaten America, it is not racist at all to suspect them.     Of course it doesn't have to be Al Qaeda,it could just be some home grown nut or a nut from some other country/religious believe.    A full investigation needs to be done in order to figure out who did this.

adywan said:

Warbler said:

I just saw on CNN there was a third explosion at JFK library.   

If I had one guess, I'd guess Al Qaeda did this. 

yeh, because it has to be a Muslim terrorist doesn't it. It couldn't possibly be the act of an American Christian now, could it?


of course it doesn't have to a Muslim terrorist.   I was making a guess, not a conclusion.   btw, why does it have to be an American Christian?  It could be an America Jew or an American atheist or an American of some other religion.   Or it could be someone from England or France or N. Korea.   Who the heck knows.


Because there is effectively no one who bombs people in the United States in the name of French Judasim...That has actually never happened. It's wrong to make assumptions, but it is also stupid to ignore historical trends. White American gun-owners should be afraid of other white American gun-owners. You are more likely to be shot by the paranoid guy who has been insanely given a gun for no reason than you are by the immigrant down the street working two jobs trying to raise his kids. History has shown this to be a fact.