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Jedi Master DJR
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What did we all expect from the Prequel Trilogy?
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2-Sep-2004, 7:06 PM
I had some expectations coming into the theater, being a big fan at the age of 10, nearly 11 at the time. I had watched the OT and afterwards the SE thousands of times and had already read many of the EU novels, the adult ones. I went in there with quite a few preconceived notions. And it seems I was one of the few who was PLEASANTLY surprised. I loved The Phantom Menace. I thought so the first time I watched it. Strange, I know it is to read. I can personally testify to many of the negative reviews associated with this movie and Attack of the Clones. Yet, I still loved it. I remember I watched it 2-3 times in the theater and waiting a whole month the next year to get my widescreen tape with soundtrack my mom bought me for my 12th birthday. And I had an interesting idea with The Phantom Menace. My goal was to watch it 100 times before the then untitled Attack of the Clones hit theaters. I counted up to (including theater viewings and rental of pan and scan) 28 times, bare minimum. I didn't quite get there by the end of it, I stopped counting but I didn't stop watching. I could go on and on why I like it, the different scenes that keep me glueing to my seat, but the question was expectations. When I saw the Breathing Teaser for Attack of the Clones I was thinking, this is going to be even better and wow is it good. I hoped to see Anakin and Obi-Wan finally start that long and arduous relationship of theirs, more with Padme, the Jedi Council, Supreme Chancellor Palptine, and the three whimsical characters Jar Jar, C-3PO, and R2-D2. And I got all that and more. To me, a great love story that in some ways I like more then Han/Leia, some less. I look both on my big screen and enjoy them immensely. I'll never forget their scenes together or my favorite one connected to it with Ani/Padme, when he must choose whether he will jump off the gunship. And I must say, as much as I truly love them as well, I think both Han and Luke would have jumped right off, unfortunately.
Finally, I will also mention yes I liked the SE, I don't hate the OT, I love the OT as well because I have the LD's and stuff, and I will be buying the DVD set. Hopefully the same day so I won't have to watch, and yes I am a PROUD owner of my DVD's of The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones.

That will conclude my two cents.