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Jedi Master DJR
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Changes in 2004 DVDs
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2-Sep-2004, 10:16 AM
That's not what I am saying with the case of the Death Star. I am saying that if it could go to hyperspace, why be on the far side of Yavin? Why not come out of hyperspace on the other side so they can target the rebel base?

But that is getting besides the point regardless. I am saying that accents of people from similar worlds, and how things are pronounced like the Millennium Falcon don't always jive. Likewise, even clones on Kamino sounding so close for a long time, in Epi. 3 we're going to even see a trooper looking like Jango, don't exactly jive either except when you realize it's the same kind of "mistake" by real world standards. Not to mention as well, who is to say that is not simply the scrambled voice Boba Fett uses for his helmet, even if that is not his own real voice?