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Macross: Do You Remember Love?
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11-Jan-2013, 10:21 PM
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skyjedi2005 said:

How about the remaster of Evangelion tv for DVD They added new scenes and dropped the old stereo audio in both the japan and English releases in favor of a newly recorded 5.1.

And discontinued the old cuts audio.  So those sets get collectors prices.

I thought the R2 actually has both. The Japanese are usually good about such things like on the Gunbuster BD (rerecored 5.1 with 2.0 original). It's usually when it hits stateside that subbers drop the stereo for some lame reason. I know both the TV and DC versions are released as well.

And also with Robotech although that was a hacked version of Macross they still replaced sound effects and music and a bad new 5.1 mix when the old one is on the out of print laserdiscs and dvd.

Only on the "remastered DVDs" which are horribly flawed in concept anyway. Little trick, turn off all channels except the center, and you have the original audio with a few of the left over new effects. The old DVDs are also a dime a dozen. Most second hand stores I've been to are overrun with them. ^_^

There is also the mobile suit gundam trilogy which usa release did not include the original mixes and only the incorrect new 5.1 mix, even with the multiple reissues.  They left off the original japan monaural tracks and even the english dub, bogus release even if the dub stunk.


The VHS release was the original audio, which is how I own it. I think a later DVD release did in fact have both mixes.

As for DYRL, I believe there is a fansubber trying to uncensor the BD. It's ridiculous to edit a film 30 years after it's release and after multiple uncensored releases on different formats.