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Star Wars: A New Hope [SET ruLes 1.0] - AVCHD & BD RELEASED!
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9-Jan-2013, 3:51 PM
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9-Jan-2013, 3:54 PM
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You_Too said:

While the untouched capture has rainbowing, noise and stuff, for some reason the enhanced versions have halos around edges, looking a bit like edge enhancement. For example in the first shot, the edges are sharp and clean in the first pic and in the enhanced there's dark lines running along the edges of the moon and the star destroyer.

Maybe something went wrong when you did the median? Were the captures perfectly aligned?

You_Too, here you are another image - this time PNG, 1,2MB, maybe the JPEG compression made the problem worst last time... there are four versions: top left, 925 enhanced; top right, average NOT enhanced; bottom, two slightly different enhanced versions: could you tell me where the problem lies, and if the enhanced is a little better than before?

If there are dark lines along edges on the first pic, the fault lies in the enhancement script; if there are on the second pic then the fault is on the capture alignment - that for this test was offset by 1 pixel on chroma on one capture; if there are in the one (or both) of the bottom pics, the problem lies in enhancement AND average...

That is why sometimes is better to use only one laserdisc player (or at least the same model, different units) with different edtions, because the captures will be perfectly aligned.

On the other hand, using different players, with different qualities and defects, result in an interesting mix when medianed and/or averaged, but more difficult to align perfectly. What do you think?

And, thanks for the constructive feedback!