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Star Wars: A New Hope [SET ruLes 1.0] - AVCHD & BD RELEASED!
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4-Jan-2013, 8:10 PM
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4-Jan-2013, 8:12 PM
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Are you going to remove the awful pink tint from certain scenes on Tatooine? I've never seen a '97 release that doesn't have it.

Let's test! Tell me which scene is the worst, in your opinion, and I'll capture it this very night - until midnight, of course, I have /still) a day job!

You can't miss them. Its present on certain shots on Tatooine, but the biggest examples are the CG 'enhanced' shots on the entrance to Mos Eisley, for example (from the UK PAL laserdisc set):

And a shot that I have attempted colour-correction for purpose of comparison:

Its inconsistent from shot to shot, though. Some shots (such as the shots when they park up outside the cantina) don't suffer from this, but then shots afterwards do. Just aim for any CG-altered shot in the first half of the film and it'll probably be pink, even if only a small amount.