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The Mandarin
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Jedi Council Forum Laughs
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4-Jan-2013, 5:13 PM
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darth_ender said:

Since this thread is meant to poke fun at everyone there at the JCF, I included links in the Troll Speculation Thread.

Their moderator Darth Boba is, shall we say, taking his job a little too seriously. If anyone uses any hint of sarcasm, he immediately jumps in to tell folks to knock it off. I consider myself a law abiding OT-er, but I have a feeling I wouldn't last more than a few days if I actually started posting over ther ;)

 This flaming post that lawjedi had wrote to him is just so beyond retarded. Flame wars can be very stupid. LawJedi is definitley banned forever now. Darth Boba is a good administrator. He doesn't allow flaming comments like these to be posted anywhere on his website.

  1. The only thing I have to say to you is that you're a power hungry, hypocritical jackass, who clearly has some personal problems with my posts. So why don't you just do what you gotta do?