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The Vaultbreakers Collection - Disney Preservations
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4-Jan-2013, 12:49 PM

The SE was generally what the film has looked like on home video for most of it's existence. Looks like the BD does indeed have the Platinum's colors, where Neverland is so very yellow. A good article from the platinum's release can be found here:

I still only own the old Classics VHS where Wendy's hair lightened over the course of the film but neverland was very much green and the indians red.

Dug up a few articles on Sleeping Beauty as well. The first one shows off the odd timing issues in the forest scene on the 2008 restoration. It also suggests that the BD is closer to the pre-2003 look. It really is a head scratcher as to what's right. So I'm not even claiming the 2003/97 is more correct and it could very well be a mater of both and neither. I'm sure none of these releases probably look exactly like it did in 1959 nor would I imagine them to be. It's more a question of odd inconsistencies and drastic changes from previous releases. What color is Maleficent anyway? ^_^ The bottom one shows off the one that hit me the most, the green lighting on Aurora. It just looks really weird without the glow. What's interesting is that Sleeping Beauty's BD was actually the last Platinum release, meaning it'll be rereleased on BD in a few years as part of the Diamond series. Makes me wonder if they're "restore" it again. Three of the 4 releases claim full restoration (though 2003 was the same one as 1997 for the Masterpiece line, I believe). I've never seen the 87 version unless that's the one I recorded decades ago off the Disney Channel. Should dig that tape up.




It may be of interest to note that the Walt Disney Family Museum in SF is having a speaker (the same one that did all the interviews surrounding Sleeping Beauty's BD release too) on the 19th discuss Disney's approach to animated film restoration. The featured film of the month being, of all things, Sleeping Beauty. Anyone near SF able to go see if anything of interest is said? Maybe voice concerns? I'm two hours away, but I doubt I'll get to go.