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AARRSSTW - WTSSRRAA: Star Wars 1997 Special Edition made Specialier (Released)
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27-Dec-2012, 9:51 PM
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30-Jul-2020, 10:40 AM
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The Star Wars 1997 Special Edition made Specialier.
A multi-angled double feature.

“Continuing the legacy of projects which overcome great technological hurdles, but
provide little to zero entertainment value, viewer reward, societal insight or benefit.”

A reconfiguring fan edit by %20
Assistance by the fabricated :F:L:I:M:S:I:P:L:A:S:T: 😄:A:T:A:B:A:S:E:

Disc Information:
Type…: HVDVD_TS (defunct)
Size…: 8.xx GB
Video Format…: H.264
Video Resolution…: 1280 x 720 letterboxed (1280 x 544)
Audio Format…: Dolby Digital Professional 2.0 AC3
Subtitle Data Mask…: Yes

Source Info:
LaserDisc UK PAL : Star Wars Special Edition (1997)
Preservation by Lee Thorogood

DVD-ROM Content:
Guide and files to help you make your own.  .csv, .jsx, .txt, .xlsx, .xml + more.

The 1997 Star Wars Special Edition resorted by shot length.  Ascending and Descending the 2291 shots of 0002 to 1765 frames.  %20’s attempt to create a possibly equally perplexing retelling, which lives up to the “Specialer” moniker.

Members of ( have been pursuing and documenting aspects of the Star Wars films as the community attempts to preserve the films or at least inform the world of their significance so a proper restoration will take place.  Two projects influenced the creation of AARRSSTW - WTSSRRAA.  The first, by zombie84, was an attempt to document the changes between Star Wars variations by chronicling the shots modified.  The second, by negative1, was a documentation of the 2006 DVD (GOUT) release’s shot length.  User none expanded the zombie84 Special Edition change documentation so that it listed every shot and then cross referenced with the negative1 GOUT data.  At that point %20 thought about what could be accomplished now that this data was public.  AARRSSTW-WTSSRRAA was started to showcase the ability of spreadsheet fan editing and the promotion of a more robust data intensive spreadsheet.  In which the next group of cultural reformers can create something else, or at least have as a nice reference.

Thanks to Lucasfilm for making a popular yet contentious movie.
Thanks to and who support fan participation in culture.
Lee Thorogood for the LaserDisc transfer.

The initial spreadsheets were created using online spreadsheet tools.  As the initial shot data was a documentation of the 2006 DVD, a conversion was done to insert the scenes added in 1997 for the Special Edition.

Figured out the .XML code by reverse engineering an exported video editing project.  The spreadsheet was configured to insert the resorted shot length data into the .XML format.  The resorted movie in .XML format can then be imported into most video editing software.  The resorted video and audio were then exported for the DVD authoring.

To expand the final presentation, in the top black bar space, multiple fields of the spreadsheet were inputted using Comma Separated Value’s (.CSW) and JavaScript (.JSX) coding in an expanded subtitle like process.  (capitalizing on the inPoint/outPoint feature in After Effects)

To provide a viewer participation aspect the multi-angle DVD feature was used.  This required the Group Of Pictures (GOP) structure to be identical.  As AARRSSTW and WTSSRRAA do not share any common frames, luckily the edit points could be reused to create ‘i’ key frame compression markers which with both edits applied to one feature, gave enough GOP structure so the DVD authoring software would consider them GOP equals.

The LaserDisc capture was horizontally stretched from anamorphic to full resolution 720 HD.
[more detailed process discussion is in the DVD_ROM folder’s support files]
Released in the defunct HD DVD HVDVD_TS format.

For those that can find a playback solution for the obsolete HVDVD_TS, the presentation has active buttons for on the fly switching between AARRSSTW and WTSSRRAA.  The video and audio’s can be switched and the information data bar in the top can be blacked out with a subtitle option.  To switch using a remote, the number keypad’s 1 and 2 control the video, 3 and 4 turn the data on and off and 5 and 6 switch the audio.  Button 7 is an empty button which will remove all reference to their being buttons.

Full FAQ and Project Files: