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The Unofficial Complete REVISITED SAGA Ideas and Random Discussion Thread
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10-Dec-2012, 5:59 PM

Just to comment on Bingowings sequence for RotJ (I'm still thinking about RotS). I'd suggest a serious re-arrange of the ending to make it both a lot less complicated (less going on simultaneously and make far more sense and also more tense... Starting from;

Luke allows himself to get caught... Meets with Vader.

We then cut to Hans assault getting to the shield and then;

See Han getting caught. We also see the Ewoks fighting the Empire.

The fleet enters Endor space "it's a trap" - Lando talks about having to give "Han more time" which at this point seems stupid as we know Han has been caught....

Luke goes before the Emporer and Vader. The Emporer tells Luke his friends will die etc. Reveals the Death Star is fully operational and watch the destruction of rebel command ships. We cut to see the Ewoks getting killed right. left and centre....

Luke feels the Rebels getting their ass kicked; finally cracks, show down with Vader... Fight. This entire sequence is cut together it is really the most important part of the film; the completion of father and sons journey. The entire battle is going the Empire's way....

Until the Emperor is killed by Vader, Luke carries Vader out, their scene together "take off my mask", last wee see them until Endor Surface. Then, and only then, the battle turns!

Now down on Endor; Ewoks get on top; Han escapes, they blow up the shield generator....We then cut to all of the Space battle;

The rebels destroy the Executor; I'd suggest one of the Mon Calamari ships sacrificing herself and ramming it, and then it crashes into the Death Star II. The Imperials are now in crisis; who is in charge? Possibly show arguments between Captains? Anyway Death Star blows up; rest of the Imperial fleet retreats... Rebels win etc etc