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The Vaultbreakers Collection - Disney Preservations
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9-Dec-2012, 12:43 AM

bkev said:

Bump.  Just curious to see if anyone has taken a stab at color correcting the Sleeping Beauty blu-ray.  The quality in of itself is supposed to be phenomenal, but the color pallet not as much.  I'd love to see the movie looking as pristine as possible while also maintaining the original color scheme.  

The main reason I'd be curious as to this rather than watching the previous DVD is the aspect ratio.

I've long wanted to do this. Especially after talking to Ron Dias about how off some of the colors are (to be fair, it was a brief conversation, so I never got which release was supposed to be right, or at least close). He said a big issue was them ignoring the color tests and using the cels as source. Trouble is that i have no idea how to tackle this nor which version to base it on. Always have wondered if Ron could be of assistance on that since his contact info is on his website.

The added footage really helps open up and balance the film, and while I love grain, it looks marvelous outside those issues.

Most of the Disney films need major color fixing from Alice in Wonderland and The Little Mermaid to the travesty of the recent Cinderella BD.

I remember helping on the Doctor M Little Mermaid. Never did get a copy of that though.