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Emanswfan's Prequel Trilogy (Ep II Opening Clips Now Available)
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28-Nov-2012, 6:51 PM

MTHaslett said:

I'm really intrigued by how this new o utline may work. I want to take a stab at how it might go-- a stab which I know must be incorrect.

Can you correct the following, emanswfan?


Start on Kamino, with the arrival of Obi Wan-- discovers clones and Fett. [Or do we start with Obi Wan and Anakin sp litting up as Anakin leaves with Padme?]

Anakin, taking Padme to Naboo, goes into hiding-- then has dreams of his mother.

Obi Wan fights Fett, follows Fett to Geonosis and gets caught (?)

Padme and Anakin go to Tatooine and bury his mother, only to receive the message that Obi Wan has been captured.

Together, Padme and Anakin fly to Geonosis and also get caught. They meet Obi Wan in the arena and get rescued by Yoda and a Volunteer Army...

Then Dooku escapes after cutting off Anakin's arm.

A clone army assembles itself to go off and hunt down Dooku.

Anakin and Padme get married.


And most of the opening twenty minutes or so is either cut or sprinkled in at the end?

It is a strong idea to start far into the action like this. I think I must have things wrong here though. This is a cool notion, as I understand it so far...

[edited because I got confused about whether you start on Kamino or Geonosis]

I should probably edit the first post, the movie starts on Geonosis.

The film starts directly with Anakin and Padme going to save Obi-Wan (preview to come soon).  I've edited this scene to feel like an opening (myseterious, no talking).  I delete the entire Droid Factory sequence (because of the stupidity and that it would make the new opening not feel like an opening) and replace it with the two deleted scenes, Padme swaying Dooku and Anakin and Padme on trial.  I delete there love but leave a lighthearted friendship they've had developing between TPM and ATOC, which grows naturally into their love.  The arena scene ends with yoda and the rest of the jedi saving them.  The "clones" are shown, however in this version the clone armor is just Republic armor the clones will just put on since they work for the Republic.  What then follows is a hugely revised version of what used to be the opening.  Padme has been in danger for a while and the new attempt is the final reason to convince them to go to Naboo.  The clone army has been being made by the order of the Jedi council for years, waiting for it to be approved.  Obi-Wan goes to check on the clones and discovers the assasin was Jango Fett and the basis for the clones.  The dark side had clouded the jedi from knowing this.  The narrative for the most part plays out the same, but when Obi finds out they need more help to defeat the new order of battle droids, they finally succeed in getting the clones and set up for attack with the others.  The movie ends the same for the most part.

I'm probably forgetting some details, so what I just said might sound weird.  But that's pretty much it.  Lots of colour correction and rescoring will be done to support the new narrative.  And believe me, the story arcs much better than the original version.