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Jetrell Fo
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Looking for 1997 Star Wars Special Edition DVD9, 5 Star Edition (Please Help)
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19-Nov-2012, 9:38 AM
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19-Nov-2012, 10:45 AM
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Jetrell Fo
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The 1997 Special Edition 5 Star DVD set looks BEST on a CRT television.  If you're trying to watch it on a Widescreen LCD or LED you are going to be disappointed.

Having the Laserdiscs and a player are probably your best option for the 1997 SE.

Unless of course you own a 35mm projector and prints of the films.

People are currently working on getting an archive project of these films in to full swing, although, patience is going to be needed as I don't see it coming to fruition for quite some time as it's NOT as popular as the OT is.

I believe this is the wrong section of the forum for this.  If it could be moved to it's proper place it might generate more discussion for the OP.