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Michael Arndt heavily involved in writing the new SW trilogy
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16-Nov-2012, 4:28 PM
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Imrahil said:

Bingowings said:

Or better still make films based on the Foundation series and forget about Star Wars altogether.

Oh Disney didn't buy those rights.

So if it doesn't have Padme featured, it won't be Star Wars? Good to know.

Welcome to HYPER-BOWLS.

Of course you could make a film in the Star Wars universe without Padme or any reference to the PT, or the OT for that matter.

I'm merely pointing out that having a maternal trilogy (in the same sense that the OT is a paternal trilogy) is a possibility and one that need not be rubbish.

That characters that aren't good in the PT need not remain that way in a ST.

I also don't think that ignoring the continuity of the first three episodes of a series currently only twice that length is necessary or necessarily desirable as despite my dislike of the PT they are for some as much Star Wars films as the two I really like and the one I like bits of.

I find the resolution of ROTJ actually rather sexist as it stands.

Luke spends a whole trilogy obsessed with his father and mentions his mother in one line (the response to which is rendered bizarro by the PT) an SE would be an ideal way to redress the gender balance a little.

With Leia and Padme being the main representatives of the older generation and Luke and Han being the respectable secondary representatives.

The main weight of the story should be a new generation of characters whatever direction the writers go in but keeping a trail of breadcrumbs through the saga makes it a saga rather than a lose selection of special effects films.

If there is a sharp disconnect to appeal to one group it will be as divisive as what George did with the SE and the PT.

I would also like to see the Foundation books turned into films.