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Star Wars Trilogy 7" 33 1/3 book and record set (Released)
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5-Nov-2012, 10:08 PM

TK421138 said:

negative1 said:

Brooks said:

negative1 said:

... it's the streisand effect. you're just focusing more attention on it, now

that you've stated that you don't want to tell us what

you're using.




That's probably true.  I'm guessing he just doesn't want the technical side of things to be the focus of the project or to start a debate about gear and software?

if he had just said it in the first place or not even mentioned it.

it would never have been brought up.





    Why the drama dude? It's not like I'm intetionally keeping anyone in the dark here, just accept that there are certain technical aspects of the project that I prefer not to reveal. This is so people can fully enjoy the audio portion without focusing on what program I used to digitally fix it with. It would appear that right now the only one focusing attention on this silly issue is you. Just relax and enjoy the project when it is completed.

I got nothing but love for everyone here.



there's no drama with me.


you're the one that keeps bringing it up.




good luck.