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Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 - MKV (Released)
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22-Oct-2012, 4:18 PM

Jetrell Fo said:

crissrudd4554 said:

I believe this has been asked here before but I'll ask anyway. I'm trying to burn the remastered version of Harmy's DeSpecialized edition to DVD but I want to include the audio tracks. Not all of them. Mainly the 1977 5.1 mix, the 1977 mono, 1993 mix, commentary etc. I also want to customly make my chapters so it matches the chapters of the original file. So far the only program I've found thats allowing me to do this is ConvertXtoDVD. The DVD came out okay but its a bit boxy in some areas (quite noticeably in the opening Fox/Lucasfilm credits). Any of you know of any good programs that will allow me to customize the DVD the way I want and still come out good on the DVD? I don't own a Blu-Ray player so I can't make a Blu-Ray disc. Thanx.

Well, now that I read this a bit closer it would seem that you're wanting to put the audio "you" want to hear with Harmy's video, while retaining the DVD9 menu's for a DVD5?

I'm not sure you'll be able to just port over that menu without issue.  This is not my forte but I believe you won't be able to use just one "fix all" program for this.  It's going to take a little work and patience. 

No I'm not trying to retain the menus. I'm trying to burn the mkv file to a dvd. However, I would still like the DVD to include the additional audio tracks and I would also like the quality to still be fair. The only program that I've used so far that has allowed to include the audio tracks is ConvertXtoDVD. I tried it and it work what the quality was a bit boxy in some areas. The program I prefer to burn DVDs with is Nero but Nero will wont incorporate the other soundtracks, only one.