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Info: Alien Anthology - Dolby Digital 4.1 Surround
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10-Oct-2012, 9:11 AM
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10-Oct-2012, 9:17 AM
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So what do you guys think of this mix when you've now heard it? I'm curious to hear your thoughts on it. Personally I'm very fond of the polished 35mm but absolutely love the dynamic range, bass, clarity and some of the more subtle variations heard in this mix. I can tell you that the discrete version is not that huge of a difference from the 2.0 version, some fx are awesome with more clearly defined surrounds (the sound of the chains before Harry Dean Kitty Crap Stanton gets killed for example) but it's still a quite front heavy mix like many mixes were at the time (just the way I like it, too many films nowadays keep the surrounds too busy) 

Some of the more obvious differences in content compared to the 35mm Dolby Stereo mix (will try to make a complete documentation at some point) you'll probaly notice right away in this mix if you're familiar with the 35mm:

  • Jerry Goldsmith's score on the title sequence and opening is a little bit different, pay attention when we first enter the corridors of the ship, the 35mm is scored right away.
  • What appears to be a distant horn emanating from Nostromo when we first see the ship is absent.
  • Dallas line "Good morning, Mother." is an alternate take.
  • Kane's line "Roll 92 degrees port yaw." is absent.
  • Lambert has an additional line of dialogue heard when they prepare to land on the planet, "900 meters and dropping." (subtitled on the 20th anniversary DVD)
  • From the moment when Nostromo is approaching the planet until they enter the atmosphere, the sound editing is very rough with a few alternate cues heard. (Deep bass from the engines)
  • Right before the Space Jockey scene, Kane's lines "Come on down here. Something different down here..." are absent.
  • When the crew discusses Brett's death, Ash's response "Kane's son." is absent.


Also, you might have noticed something odd with this track which is noticeable right before they land on the planet, the score in particular sounds like it's played in the wrong pitch/speed for a moment. Perhaps the sound elements used was in bad shape or something? Anyway, not my doing.