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Jetrell Fo
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The "EditDroid" Trilogy DVD Info and Feedback Thread (Released)
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9-Oct-2012, 11:30 AM
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pittrek said:

Do you still need a copy ? If more people want it I can put the whole 9DVD set to myspleen

9 DVD's?  Hell, I've only got 3 DVD5's of this set, I had no clue there were 6 more, LOL.

Thanks for the tip, but I was able to find only covers to the trilogy and the bonus discs, but I had them already ( I completely forgot they're at the discs in the DVD-ROM sections :) ). I am personally searching ONLY for the cover of the mono-mix version. A low-res version can be found in this thread but the link to the high-res version is dead. But thanks anyway

Another set of artwork I am missing as well.

Does that set include this....

There are two known revisions of the ANH disc from this set also. The other disc has different menus and options for the mono, Dolby Stereo and matrixed 6 channel. - This seems to be the most allusive disc in this once rare fan created version of the Original Trilogy.